• river stonesKeeping Fish Wet in Montana: Private Water Leasing: Working With The Prior Appropriation System to Restore Streamflows, co-authored by John Ferguson, Barbara Hall, and Brianna Randall, 2006. (PDF, 668kb)

  • Assessing and Managing Existing Water Rights co-authored by John Ferguson and Chris Corbin, Lotic LLC, January 2009. (PDF, 197kb)

  • A Water Rights Primer, co-authored by John Ferguson and Lindsy Cusker, April 2009. (PDF, 238kb)

  • Cause for Rebellion? Examining How Federal Land Management Agencies & Local Governments Collaborate on Land Use Planning, co-authored by Michelle Bryan, Graham Coppes, Katelyn Hepburn, and Ross Keogh, Spring 2015. (PDF, 541kb)
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